A successful swim team needs lots of volunteers!  Below you will find job descriptions for the different volunteer opportunities available during swim meets.  All families should participate in the running of the meets – one way or another!

All volunteers will always be able to CHEER on their swimmers!

Meet Set Up

• Arrive ~6:30 am on day of meet to help set up tents/meet area
• HOME MEETS: Friday night set up @6:30pm


• Announce entire meet using PA system
• Provide and play appropriate music during the meet
• Maintain enthusiasm while remaining non-partial
• Plug our sponsors and make other announcements as needed

Head Timer

• Coordinate timers at home and away meets
• Fill in as back up if a Timer needs a break
• Participate in timer meeting prior to start of meet


• Work on deck during the meet
• Time events
• Report time to scribe
• Participates in timer meeting prior to start of meet


• Work on deck during the meet
• Write down swimmers time as they complete each heat


• Work on deck during the meet
• Carries lane assignments sheets between lane scribes and computer station


• Work indoors in air conditioned clubhouse during meet!!
• Attach stickers to ribbons as they become available


• Work in air conditioned Concessions area!!
• Help prepare and hand out food
• Help take money and make change

 Meet Take Down

• Stay until after meet is over to help break down tents
• Clean up pool/deck area – take out trash

Ready Bench

• Work in Ready Bench area during the meet
• Ensure swimmers are in correct heat and lane

KID SITTERS – 10 and UNDERS only

• Write swimmers event number(s) on arm/shoulder with Sharpie – RECOMMENDED!
• Line up swimmers when time for their event
• Take swimmers to Ready bench area
• Ensure swimmers return to tent area after their event is complete
• Broken down by age groups:
o 6U Boys
o 6U Girls
o 7-8 Boys
o 7-8 Girls
o 9-10 Boys
o 9-10 Girls

Parents – please encourage your children to stay in their tents.  With so many swimmers, it is difficult for a Kid Sitter to track down any swimmers that are outside of the tent!