About Us

The Swiming Cities Swim Club is a swimming organization targeted towards all levels of competitive swimmers over the age of 5.

Our main purpose is competition–we participate in meets at both the State and National level, and cater to advanced swimmers interested in pushing themselves beyond the recreational swimming level.

Because our focus is on competition, our workouts are intensive. As such, we limit the number of people in the pool each season, and accept only a fixed number of swimmers each year. Members must agree to swim a minimum number of practices each each week and compete in at least two meets each season.

Our competitive season runs between December through April or May each year, but practices are held year-round.

Membership signup is held in November of each season. New swimmers interested in joining the team should contact us for more information.

When do you practice?

The team practices throughout the year, but our competitive season runs between September and May. Check our practice schedule page for accurate times. Please note the the pool is generally closed during school holidays.

How old (or young) can you be to join the team?

Any swimmer over the age of 5 is welcome to join the team.

Can I try swimming with you before I decide to join?

You can swim with the team for two weeks before joining. You must have a valid USMS membership card after the trial period to continue swimming with the team.

How much are your dues?

One year Membership is $115.00. Team dues do not include membership in that organization.

What are your workouts like?

Our practices are split into two different sessions offering different workout styles. The first group (MWF 7-8:15) offers more relaxed fitness swimming, while the second shift (MWF 8:15-9:30) features faster, longer-yardage workouts. Both groups practice together on Sundays (11-1 PM). You may swim with either group you feel comfortable with.

Do you provide lessons?


Who can join?

Anyone over the age of 5 can join the team, but membership is limited each season based on the number of lanes available, workout times, etc.

Do you have meets?

Yes! We generally attend at least three to five swim meets as a team during the season, although many more meets are offered. (Once you’re a registered masters swimmer, you can participate in as many meets as you like.) Please visit our meets page to see a list of upcoming meets.

Can I bring a guest?

Team members may bring a guest to practice.