7 Habits of Effective Swimmers

 1. Take responsibility for your swim.

Be honest with yourself about your effort and practice habits.
Look honestly at the practices and lifestyle choices that can affect your swim.
Stop blaming others or equipment for a bad day or practice. Evaluate and change
what can be changed, namely how you react to things. Positive reactions net
positive results.

2. Define your mission and your goals.

Have a plan and share it with your teammates and coaches.
Without a plan or goals you have no chance of achievement. Even if your goals
are not met as quickly as you would like or if your plans have to change, you
can still make the most of every situation and opportunity.

3. Prioritize swimming in your life.

Put first things first. We can do anything in life, we can’t do
everything! Putting first priorities first allows you time to achieve those
things that are important to you. Share your priorities with your coaches so
your goals and their expectations match.

4. Think Win-Win, individual and team

If each member of the team succeeds, then we all succeed. If you
boost your teammate up, you lift yourself to new heights at the same time.
Especially in swimming, someone doesn’t have to lose for us to win. Everyone can
achieve new time standards at the meet. Multiple people can swim southeastern
and sectional qualifying times at a meet. Two high-point awards are common.

5. Listen to coaches and teammates sincerely.

We all have a different perspective, so if we listen and see
things from the other perspective, we can then share our own. Greater
understanding of our own needs are then achieved and we are better able to help
each other.

6. Synergize – work as a team to achieve more.

Celebrate differences, Work as a team, Be open minded, Find new
and better ways. There are many examples of synergy at work if life. A band
takes individual instruments and puts it together to create something better
than each could create alone. In swimming, more best times are posted on relays
because everyone swims better with a team giving support.

7. Renew yourself regularly.

Eat well, Sleep well, Take care of yourself. Training breaks
us down, so recovery can build us back stronger. Without recovery, you will
never achieve your maximum potential.

A little about HABIT!

Habit will make or break you in swimming and in life. Habit
can be your biggest help or your worst enemy. The choice, today, tomorrow and
always will be – what habits do we keep to make us the best that we can be, and
which habits do we work to change that drag us down. If you do nothing else
today, pick a habit that is creating drag in the pool or in your life and start
to change it.

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