10 Minutes to a Healthy Shoulder

Do each exercise once or twice per day, one arm at a time.

Do 50 reps with a 3 – 5 lb dumbbell.

If you can’t complete 50 reps, reduce the weight, not the reps!

A soup can is better than no weight.

IMPORTANT! Lower the weight slowly in all exercises.

  • Biceps Curls: Do them standing and to full extension.
  • Reverse Biceps Curls: Same as above, but turn hand in the opposite direction (palm out).
  • Front Lift: Arm straight down, palm forward – raise to front until arm is parallel to the floor, then lower slowly.
  • Reverse Front Lift: Same as above, but start with palm facing back and thumb turned down.
  • Out to Side: Same as above but start with palm facing in and lift out to the side.
  • Abduction: Bend forward at waist, arm hanging straight down with palm facing in. Raise arm across body until the inside of the forearm crosses your chest. Lower arm slowly to the starting point.
  • Adduction: Same as above, but raise arm out to the side, parallel to the floor, then lower slowly.
  • Side Lift: Lying on your side, top arm against your body (elbow lying on your rib cage) in the handshake position, rotate arm so the weight points to the ceiling. Then lower slowly.
  • Wing Lift: Still lying on your side, hold your top elbow against your ribs, bent to 90 degrees. Slowly raise the weight until it points to the ceiling, then lower it slowly.
  • Reverse Wing Lift: Lie on your back, holding your arm palm up with the elbow bent to 90 degrees, and your upper arm close to your side. Slowly raise the weight to the ceiling and then lower it slowly.

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