Competition As A Team

How swimmers compete as a Team

(and why everyone is needed)

A swim team is different from other sports teams in that athletes participate individually as well as for the team. The team isn’t always visible as a team because you do not get to see the whole team participating at a meet. There are morning and afternoon sessions with different age groups participating in each session.

     Relays are probably the most visible time you see the team as a team. As in all sports, athletes practice to get ready for their games or in swimming their meets, therefore teams need all or as many of their athletes participating in order to make a good team showing. In other sports, trophies are given out at the end of the season to the winning teams, in swimming trophies are given out to the top three teams at each meet. 

    Team points are made by swimmers and relays placing in the top 6th or 8th place depending on size of pool, 6 lanes or 8 lanes. Points earned for these places are ,in a 6 lane pool, from 1st to 6th: 7,5,4,3, 2,1 and relays points double 14,10,8,6,4,2. In a 8 lane pool scoring is from 1st to 8th : 9,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 and relays 18,14,12,10,8,6,4,2. As you can see relays are very important in acquiring team points.

    Performances at meets gives the coach a yard stick as to what needs to be worked on by the team and individual swimmers during workouts. It also allows the swimmers a measurement of where their fitness level is in relationship to the time of the season and their dedication to practice.

    Team performances allow the Team to remember that Together Each Achieves More is not only true but fun!

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